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Urdu Times Appointment Ad Rates

Urdu Times is a free Urdu newspaper from New York. It was first published in 1980. In 1980, it was a 4 page newspaper. Since there was no internet or Pakistani channels and the telephone was very expensive, to get the news Khali-ur-Rahman used to pick up the latest copies of the Pakistani Urdu newspapers from the Pakistan International Airlines' staff that used to fly with the flight from Pakistan. Most of the pages were prepared by cutting and pasting the news from the old daily Pakistani papers while the latest few news were received by telephone the day before the publication.

Appointment Advertisers books advertisements for Urdu Times. We book Display, Classified Display advertisement categories. You can give or publish your ad in Urdu Times through us.

Urdu Times Newspaper Ad Rates

Urdu Times Appointment Advertisement Rates

Appointment Advertising For Urdu Times

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Editions Min words (in cm) B&W Ad Rates (Rs.)
Mumbai 8 x 5 150

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