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Sandesh Appointment Ad Rates

Sandesh is a Leading daily newspaper in Gujarat. It is published in Gujarati. Sandesh started its journey in the world of Journalism in 1923. Since then, it has flourished into 5 editions and has played a critical and vital role in the upliftment and welfare of six crore Gujaratis. Sandesh provides information and entertainment through its supplements dealing with almost all the subjects.

Appointment Advertisers books advertisements for Sandesh. We accept Display, Appointment, Classified Display and all other types of advertisement. You can give or publish your ad in Sandesh through us.

sandesh Newspaper Ad Rates

Sandesh Appointment Advertisement Rates

Appointment Advertising For Sandesh

All the Ad Rates are in per

Editions Min Size (in cm) B&W Ad Rates (Rs.) Color Ad Rates (Rs.)
Ahemadabad 8 x 5 240 275
Surat 8 x 5 130 170
Baroda 8 x 5 130 170
Rajkot 8 x 5 60 -
Bhuj 8 x 5 25 40
Bhavnagar 8 x 5 20 -

Note : The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

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